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Open MPI: Version 4.1

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Changes in this release:

  • See this page if you are upgrading from a prior major release series of Open MPI. It shows the Big Changes for which end users need to be aware.
  • See the NEWS file for a more fine-grained listing of changes between each release and sub-release of the Open MPI v4.1 series.

See the version timeline for information on the chronology of Open MPI releases.

Current stable release downloads:

Release File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
SRPM notes
openmpi-4.1.0-1.src.rpm 16.49 MiB Dec 18, 2020 MD5: 80aa185d5aef26836c45e220fa5ebd69
SHA1: 08c9d81915097206faf0de64cd2fc0eba302293a
SHA256: 8074cd5b92714727fbf1cea025cf2d3c2517d59074ee0610c0540e588c1bb583
openmpi-4.1.0.tar.bz2 9.56 MiB Dec 18, 2020 MD5: c24200d3b3401db465ab0efd6b696f80
SHA1: b87fbc8113936911eb9bf7cb068037359a8a748a
SHA256: 73866fb77090819b6a8c85cb8539638d37d6877455825b74e289d647a39fd5b5
openmpi-4.1.0.tar.gz 16.79 MiB Dec 18, 2020 MD5: 45d272a0541857a40d1808e86833bc15
SHA1: 760d33ab160370e7cf6262590d3b66d6e34291a8
SHA256: 228467c3dd15339d9b26cf26a291af3ee7c770699c5e8a1b3ad786f9ae78140a

Prerelease downloads:

Release File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
SRPM notes
openmpi-4.1.1rc2-1.src.rpm 16.5 MiB Mar 17, 2021 MD5: 35075d26353343fad281530d93918159
SHA1: 66dee3198bbc3f12e1ed81ae79bea2b861027354
SHA256: 59c3b84048aeb005477c8f183b3d6e6129cd70732a2c72f7a8d262d62d6d1b75
openmpi-4.1.1rc2.tar.bz2 9.59 MiB Mar 17, 2021 MD5: ac458ee164977971ebe2871a9f253ffb
SHA1: b18d0076477a04b119d2ad2f8461dd604e1bb20c
SHA256: f7d572621c93934b329281ee159c89124905ef05900d1a817efb7d262442d0f3
openmpi-4.1.1rc2.tar.gz 16.85 MiB Mar 17, 2021 MD5: fda3987b3f77e26c1448ea4136fc4975
SHA1: 02b3b7bf5b2c87e8046fbe26c0cb680aa12de4a9
SHA256: 574ffdccc0cee90c24ae2144d51d2540f3684eac1cd26017081d35b408a3caf4
SRPM notes
openmpi-4.1.1rc1-1.src.rpm 16.49 MiB Feb 10, 2021 MD5: 279c169970c7c37c3c1be19baba83b88
SHA1: 972bba00b0a141e89a8e26d3d17c9965c2a4eb25
SHA256: e44015a6f93826c051de018abb243f2f3f1fdc2c1b20c2104abeefec1a1b280e
openmpi-4.1.1rc1.tar.bz2 9.58 MiB Feb 10, 2021 MD5: f6b4b4782556972a0615f90dbf5b39d6
SHA1: 4d634fa86e31706644174dc368fdc068fab6a778
SHA256: c7bfdd96fd405d887875067d32c5b7a959c8d06ea2cc48e1c10448d22d29e0c7
openmpi-4.1.1rc1.tar.gz 16.84 MiB Feb 10, 2021 MD5: 06d20af4f91b58c869f6e6e50f69a6ab
SHA1: 2944da912be5dd69bfcdabaf4d00e3a2c957da5a
SHA256: a25a7f638c09a88fac54090b8a4c6ef3d1be38d738ee2c0c5446576ea256114f