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Open MPI: Version 4.1

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Changes in this release:

  • See this page if you are upgrading from a prior major release series of Open MPI. It shows the Big Changes for which end users need to be aware.
  • See the NEWS file for a more fine-grained listing of changes between each release and sub-release of the Open MPI v4.1 series.

See the version timeline for information on the chronology of Open MPI releases.

Prerelease downloads:

Release File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
SRPM notes
openmpi-4.1.0rc2-1.src.rpm 16.35 MiB Oct 05, 2020 MD5: 7a527917832b8e3f82666f3764feab49
SHA1: 63f43c19e0826fbda623a8f286bfeb797b7671cd
SHA256: 329f7756efd07725054092616a24373d2b85e4fe978b862c8a43ec93a6cdb931
openmpi-4.1.0rc2.tar.bz2 9.46 MiB Oct 05, 2020 MD5: 4197ddf93f77b9b3be1e1436fe224145
SHA1: 5e48bdee2450f5ba71198a63112bc882a662f86e
SHA256: c6c8ff2f5b5775dad7099caa09bd18cd45de8b699c293f409c34f74ba2ce25b2
openmpi-4.1.0rc2.tar.gz 16.7 MiB Oct 05, 2020 MD5: 7badd3f0dd12d7d021670eee7bec009c
SHA1: 14cd34687cf9ba066b9d0f1455963f7d97714e59
SHA256: 9d50837a8b144daf9c1dc6133d206a623b0d644efc73de422eff24e080c7ca03
SRPM notes
openmpi-4.1.0rc1-1.src.rpm 16.25 MiB Jul 06, 2020 MD5: a76ebfe4e158362a49acfd8c7af3fe4f
SHA1: 1b024e37f482476ac7d86c0fa66ac6e4d0e141cb
SHA256: 8e147e4f7a37a66ba9ef0966869392058f5c82829bf615f869d3f8b7a028fa24
openmpi-4.1.0rc1.tar.bz2 9.4 MiB Jul 06, 2020 MD5: 0088188441349c0ac0898ee4ca6e6d92
SHA1: 4980aa417dcf4df3a00a452d52f0278ac450627d
SHA256: be28d974bbe0e936c94000cc4ebf70ad2b0fd243686386a56e1a8c68317f7ed4
openmpi-4.1.0rc1.tar.gz 16.61 MiB Jul 06, 2020 MD5: 422301468e67f96368ddf7190fd8583a
SHA1: 5ff1b07d9502f56502182a4de21c4835340e46cb
SHA256: eeeb8758cc1a93f6fbd82951d9bb46542caf498912e84262f747c9351a415b68