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Contributing to Open MPI

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Would you like to contribute to Open MPI?

We'd love it! One of the explicit goals of the Open MPI project is to actively engage users, third party researchers, ISVs, hardware vendors... pretty much the entire HPC community. So if you've got some ideas, we'd love to hear them.

That being said, we're not giving out commit access to our repository to just anyone. We do need to maintain production-quality control on our code base. It is important to remember that if you write new components (or modify existing components) for Open MPI, they can be published independantly of the main MPI distribution -- new components can be added to an existing Open MPI installation. This means that you do not have to distribute all of Open MPI -- you can just publish your own components on your web page, FTP site, etc. Users can download your components and add them to their existing Open MPI installation.

Here's several typical forms of contributions to Open MPI:

  • Publish research results using your own modifications to Open MPI (e.g., performance enhancements, new algorithms, etc.). If possible, make the code available to others.
  • Write your own components for custom functionality (e.g., support a new network or back-end run-time environment).
  • Modify existing components for new functionality or performance enhancements
  • Suggest new functionality to the Open MPI community.
  • Send complete bug reports and/or patches to the mailing lists. We always appreciate help in making Open MPI better!
  • Submit code for new functionality to Open MPI. We love code contributions! Keep in mind that code contributions must be robust enough to be suitable for widespread use.

Enough talk -- how do you contribute to the Open MPI project? Here's several ways:

Probably the most important of these is the first: subscribe to the mailing lists and become involved in the project. If possible, let others know what you're working on.

Make today an Open MPI day!