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This page is for developers who want to work on the internals of Open MPI itself.
If you are a general user or system administrator looking to simply download and install Open MPI, please click here.

Because the Open MPI Team tries very hard to release stable and as-bug-free-as-possible distributions, we tend to take a long time between major releases. However, there are many useful new features (and bug fixes) in our internal Git tree that some users have asked for access to. Additionally, for those who are actually developing the internals of Open MPI, Git access gives the most up-to-date versions rather than the periodic tarball access. As such, the Open MPI Team has decided to provide read-only access to the Open MPI Git tree.

Be aware, however, that the head of the development code tree is not guaranteed to be stable. For the most part, we try very hard to not commit things that are broken, but this is an active development tree — bugs happen. This is actually another major reason that this tree has been made available: peer review. If you find any bugs, please report them! Contributions, suggestions, and comments are welcome.

The Git "main" branch is the current development version of Open MPI. It is generally where new Open MPI work is done.

There are multiple ways to get access to Open MPI's source code:

  1. Clone the main Open MPI Git repo at GitHub. The main development work occurs on the "main" branch in this repo.
    Advantage: You'll easily be able to keep up with the latest source code using normal Git commands (e.g., 'git pull --rebase --recurse-submodules').
    Disadvantage: You need to have several tools installed to compile Open MPI from a developer checkout.

  2. Download a nightly snapshot tarball. Then see the Building Open MPI section of the FAQ for instructions on how to build and install it.
    Advantage: You need no extra tools to compile and install Open MPI.
    Disdvantage: You cannot easily keep up with the latest source code; you'll need to download a new tarball each time you want to update.

NOTE: Prior to October 2014, Open MPI was maintained in a Subversion repository. This Subversion repository had two read-only mirrors: a Mercurial mirror at and a Git mirror at These two mirrors are now defunct and will no longer be updated. If you are using either of these mirrors, you should stop using them and switch to the main Open MPI Git repository at GitHub.