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Open MPI: v1.5 nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Users looking for stable releases should look here.

Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the v1.5 branch in the Git ompi repository. This may be less than once a day!

Tarballs are made from the Git v1.5 branch nightly at approximately 9pm US Eastern time.

Latest snapshot version: 1.5.6a1r26200

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Nightly snapshot openmpi-1.5.6a1r26200.tar.gz 13.91MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: 7efada48aeb0dbf142699c350996e4e6
SHA1: 91a1dc80d0a8b88a966c4947bfb35416368af926
openmpi-1.5.6a1r26200.tar.bz2 9.57MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: 633f816f643522f77fde32db66d58e03
SHA1: d60ea341615ca40ae28928edb2d5b39523c70f22
openmpi-1.5.5rc6r26168.tar.bz2 9.57MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: ac6ddfd5aa3f150fa0835e0fed3e7daa
SHA1: 36fe3071384b76d422bcd2de938522eea35608b9
openmpi-1.5.5rc5r26164.tar.gz 13.91MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: f1640cdf9cb793d28530488291092bce
SHA1: 2291979d578e79c15280b2f2800792dab3d5ab61
openmpi-1.5.5rc6r26168.tar.gz 13.91MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: 4b0f00d19f7810a0faadf11fb29c8261
SHA1: a019de7fd11e292d891a3c017faf56229ed413f4
openmpi-1.5.5rc4r26158.tar.gz 13.91MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: c61337ba7394541341424afa0a76eb39
SHA1: 02f57b650f7fb92210fd9606d7a3d9cd61bb50fa
openmpi-1.5.5rc5r26164.tar.bz2 9.57MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: 80555c917007b43a08e380a488709178
SHA1: 1bef8eda32c20e5c0eadb604c8e2035492d0ecef
openmpi-1.5.5rc4r26155.tar.gz 13.91MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: 82370385a246b64b1d346c110d1c0f9a
SHA1: 9e8c78c29606f7cc6bd09de8e58a386cda60b1a3
openmpi-1.5.5rc4r26158.tar.bz2 9.57MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: 3e6227f0ffc27f3732e577b98368e396
SHA1: 895a1310dd42449d8ad083690b433585248792b3
openmpi-1.5.5rc4r26155.tar.bz2 9.57MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: 53778fa5c6765d6fd58d116bc0302d17
SHA1: 5ca041fa3b17055109a2d1cbb949c78f7a4b0fb3