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Open MPI: 1.1 series nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

These are snapshots of the 1.1 branch of the Open MPI source code. Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the corresponding branch in the Git ompi repository. This may be less than once a day!

Tarballs are made from the Git v1.1 branch nightly at approximately 9pm US Eastern time.

Latest snapshot version: 1.1.6develr14081

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Source code openmpi-1.1.6develr14081.tar.gz 5.5MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: fec6146f1560efb03c3debd5034ca4ef
SHA1: d1fbf62048abb0380778e691f5729b710c3e2d59
openmpi-1.1.6develr14067.tar.bz2 3.07MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: e21aba9cb2f6f86eb23612a8ae9cfabb
SHA1: 652df9a0c16a0e41fe82e91b9a09d63ccce1f617
openmpi-1.1.5rc2r13997.tar.gz 5.5MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: 08b5c81972b5eeb030d6a2f76813b414
SHA1: 1c8a5fb99dd8cb81e2f2bda67938009ac017c427
openmpi-1.1.6develr14067.tar.gz 5.5MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: 4b9d3dc4248d35236f13a632593bfc91
SHA1: 54b8fad8d81029929276dfbb115ef4be3c997f64
openmpi-1.1.6develr14081.tar.bz2 3.07MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: 141b5158c62ae1c0e0817788fc88c4ad
SHA1: df91d8ac31a1390b38f0c618baf08abb82d69826
openmpi-1.1.5rc2r13903.tar.bz2 3.07MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: b850104e5bca667aa12bd051006da37c
SHA1: 552e5750f1df395898ad5ad0a93386bd16e32f47
openmpi-1.1.5rc2r13903.tar.gz 5.5MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: ee1cbef33dc818efcef9a26b6b22f29d
SHA1: 27ecb593c58097bbd370cc395d8fddcba678f1bd
openmpi-1.1.5rc2r13997.tar.bz2 3.07MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: c531b9f9420b446e3259b4f9a5f2abcc
SHA1: caaa1c247d15d049460ad9ac99c9979c93d8ae2e
openmpi-1.1.5rc2r13859.tar.bz2 3.07MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: ba046e58381b31e776ca8ff6f928ea9e
SHA1: 81e6a981a0f3c390166d2879cf418dd2cade8414
openmpi-1.1.5rc2r13859.tar.gz 5.5MB Jul 28, 2016
MD5: dc1f310aa79ffa5fb13fe4dd695c9588
SHA1: e36aa183b4e533a27006ce621b0d2128adfb15cb