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Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc): Version 2.4

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hwloc is distributed under the BSD license.

This file contains a list of changes between the releases in the hwloc releases in the 2.4 series

Current stable release downloads:

Release File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
2.4.1 hwloc-2.4.1.tar.bz2 6.17 MiB Feb 22, 2021 MD5: 463baa7861b352e372e1f841aa8fea84
SHA1: 1b65f5c88947d13795da1c7fae9b6ab9a91b1fb1
SHA256: 392421e69f26120c8ab95d151fe989f2b4b69dab3c7735741c4e0a6d7de5de63
hwloc-2.4.1.tar.gz 6.63 MiB Feb 22, 2021 MD5: c464a0ec78893617e458afcdf2437c34
SHA1: b94950e8958e1125ca75ecac0bc0259ee3d108c4
SHA256: 4267fe1193a8989f3ab7563a7499e047e77e33fed8f4dec16822a7aebcf78459 6.46 MiB Feb 22, 2021 MD5: 9288b300b7e9528a25654018027149f0
SHA1: 2e5994a4dcd286ee99c60efa3c3a9d8a12973fbb
SHA256: 4bfc60d85a2568460df91215170272d4fb4e17cb4d6a5d404de5d21e609842b5 6.65 MiB Feb 22, 2021 MD5: 52e6cc1e6462938c540a19f4617d8d6b
SHA1: 084878e2a06cab32a09b0aef1b1d1384a81e6c93
SHA256: 96f1ab1eb162e5163f102f3f33596959c691600a08c12ad46595646b8c3339c7

Previous release downloads:

Release File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
2.4.0 hwloc-2.4.0.tar.bz2 6.18 MiB Dec 01, 2020 MD5: bbcfa2a6ee3b849b4dd8e614bc76bcfd
SHA1: d88216220e9fd0fd5841b1c864924bce516eed70
SHA256: 2b1f1b4adb542911096bdceceb16270e9918908dcd884ab85c2f929c2b3838e9
hwloc-2.4.0.tar.gz 6.64 MiB Dec 01, 2020 MD5: 0cca66799c5828c6467200c38dac4929
SHA1: 79c352f86031360eb38239bc3982a4dc7180a22b
SHA256: 30404065dc1d6872b0181269d0bb2424fbbc6e3b0a80491aa373109554006544 6.47 MiB Dec 01, 2020 MD5: b3322a34aa7680cd3b10539cd337c357
SHA1: 489e499dc48c2d98567f86aefa824b4a9670322e
SHA256: ab881031fa589d58b8172b89a319fe80f30ae004ebe490164e3c79f866076a8c 6.66 MiB Dec 01, 2020 MD5: 412687aa8cd3b3c728efe1792009a893
SHA1: f7e1ef7a05400888cf0990ff72a1699025191e0e
SHA256: a91c8d2c1281da3ffbf9acd5a0679c15634a9f56ac951969adfcb6db038c62a8