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Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc): Version 2.1

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hwloc is distributed under the BSD license.

This file contains a list of changes between the releases in the hwloc releases in the 2.1 series

Current stable release downloads:

Release File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
2.1.0 hwloc-2.1.0.tar.bz2 5.98 MiB Oct 03, 2019 MD5: c5a0a309a4ada1dfd3e73eb134ef308b
SHA1: d5bac5428effd842b51adb3f8041a4147a3a1889
hwloc-2.1.0.tar.gz 6.45 MiB Oct 03, 2019 MD5: f715051fb660549ef1278ad2545edd71
SHA1: e83416b733851287a153222a6740a07499d3c87d 5.77 MiB Oct 03, 2019 MD5: 89b1b1f9d187046b82a28e97e3e1ec01
SHA1: 7140334f4303fdcd875b0e0c567cdc13b6c3b673 5.96 MiB Oct 03, 2019 MD5: a470aabae858d5ee990fa71e90b69ca2
SHA1: e950d9abbcb7b699359052c830353c4a4c04b988