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Title: Investigations on InfiniBand: Efficient Network Buffer Utilization at Scale


Galen M. Shipman, Ron Brightwell, Brian Barrett, Jeffrey M. Squyres, Gil Bloch


The default messaging model for the OpenFabrics "Verbs" API is to consume receive buffers in order -- regardless of the actual incoming message size -- leading to inefficient registered memory usage. For example, many small messages can consume large amounts of registered memory. This paper introduces a new transport protocol in Open MPI implemented using the existing OpenFabrics Verbs API that exhibits efficient registered memory utilization. Several real-world applications were run at scale with the new protocol; results show that global network resource utilization efficiency increases, allowing increased scalability -- and larger problem sizes -- on clusters which can increase application performance in some cases.

Presented: EuroPVM/MPI '07, September 30th - October 3rd, 2007, Paris, France.


euro-pvmmpi-2007-ib.pdf (PDF)

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