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Title: Open MPI: Goals, Concept, and Design of a Next Generation MPI Implementation


Edgar Gabriel, Graham E. Fagg, George Bosilca, Thara Angskun, Jack J. Dongarra, Jeffrey M. Squyres, Vishal Sahay, Prabhanjan Kambadur, Brian Barrett, Andrew Lumsdaine, Ralph H. Castain, David J. Daniel, Richard L. Graham, Timothy S. Woodall


A large number of MPI implementations are currently available, each of which emphasize different aspects of high-performance computing or are intended to solve a specific research problem. The result is a myriad of incompatible MPI implementations, all of which require separate installation, and the combination of which present significant logistical challenges for end users. Building upon prior research, and influenced by experience gained from the code bases of the LAM/MPI, LA-MPI, and FT-MPI projects, Open MPI is an all-new, production-quality MPI-2 implementation that is fundamentally centered around component concepts. Open MPI provides a unique combination of novel features previously unavailable in an open-source, production-quality implementation of MPI. Its component architecture provides both a stable platform for third-party research as well as enabling the run-time composition of independent software add-ons. This paper presents a high-level overview the goals, design, and implementation of Open MPI.

Presented: Euro PVM/MPI 2004, September, 2004, in Budapest, Hungary.

Paper: (Postscript) euro-pvmmpi-2004-overview.pdf (PDF)

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