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Open MPI Developer's Workshop
April 17-20, 2006, San Jose, CA, USA

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The Open MPI Team is pleased to present a Developer's Workshop to initiate 3rd parties to the internals of the Open MPI code base.

What: Open MPI Developer's Workshop 2006
Where: Cisco Building 14
3625 Cisco Way, San Jose, CA, 95134
When: April 17-20, 2006

The workshop is now over. The slides are available here.

This week-long, hands-on workshop is being taught by the Open MPI core development team. The goal is to enable 3rd party developers to extend and enhance the Open MPI code base, such as hardware-specific functionality for particular networks or platforms. A detailed analysis of how Open MPI works will be presented -- to include significant time spent examining and discussing the code of Open MPI itself.

Please note that this is not a general MPI tutorial. It is an in-depth discussion of the innards of the Open MPI code base and is intended for developers who have already have a strong understanding of MPI, preferably in the form of MPI implementation experience.