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MPI_T_category_get_info(3) man page (version 3.0.6)

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MPI_T_category_get_info - Query information from a category


C Syntax

#include <mpi.h>
int MPI_T_category_get_info(int cat_index, char *name, int *name_len,
char *desc, int *desc_len, int *num_cvars, int *num_pvars,
int *num_categories)

Input Parameters

Index of the category to be queried.

Input/Output Parameters

Length of the string and/or buffer for name.
Length of the string and/or buffer for desc.

Output Parameters

Buffer to return the string containing the name of the category.
Buffer to return the string containing the description of the category.
Number of control variables in the category.
Number of performance variables in the category.
Number of categories contained in the category.


MPI_T_category_get_info can be used to query information from a category. The function returns the number of control variables, performance variables, and sub-categories in the queried category in the arguments num_cvars, num_pvars, and num_categories, respectively.


This MPI tool interface function returns two strings. This function takes two argument for each string: a buffer to store the string, and a length which must initially specify the size of the buffer. If the length passed is n then this function will copy at most n - 1 characters of the string into the corresponding buffer and set the length to the number of characters copied - 1. If the length argument is NULL or the value specified in the length is 0 the corresponding string buffer is ignored and the string is not returned.


MPI_T_category_get_info() will fail if:
The MPI Tools interface not initialized
The category index is invalid

Table of Contents

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