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PMI Exascale (pmix): Master nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the corresponding branch in the git repository during the last day.

Tarballs are made from the git master branch nightly at approximately 9pm US Indiana time.

Latest snapshot version: v1.1.3-395-g7b173a7

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Nightly snapshot pmix-v1.1.3-395-g7b173a7.tar.gz 1.17MB Jan 11, 2017
MD5: 1e8fbc2fcf2bcdda600c31cb383abaa8
SHA1: 1c947a03bb685486f463172dd772f989204b8d66
pmix-v1.1.3-395-g7b173a7.tar.bz2 846KB Jan 11, 2017
MD5: 22839fc3184ff98939a0c505bf2cfd65
SHA1: dcc270bf2f8a0073e843e65fa692e2b4c43c838b
pmix-v1.1.3-393-g3160726.tar.gz 1.17MB Jan 10, 2017
MD5: 85a55760afd32cd3313f6ac1dcdca52f
SHA1: 992c2a244b0b33bd789b1420dd5b1e32838b63a5
pmix-v1.1.3-393-g3160726.tar.bz2 846KB Jan 10, 2017
MD5: 2983f782ea461e3573e998d9d8a68b90
SHA1: 4abe30c05124617af44a5c10119c558df8652ffe
pmix-v1.1.3-391-g04aa565.tar.bz2 846KB Jan 7, 2017
MD5: b8e79daa19b956c6b4f81862f113570b
SHA1: 507a2e868703bb51471055e12fd18823fe4c97d0
pmix-v1.1.3-391-g04aa565.tar.gz 1.17MB Jan 7, 2017
MD5: 09e01494786e57d1a7317df9ef96ff54
SHA1: cb41cd9de575fdfa190fa085319b9b69f62e63f2
pmix-v1.1.3-387-gb4363e6.tar.bz2 846KB Jan 7, 2017
MD5: 87652c387b67c6beca39ae694332fcbd
SHA1: 1bc73eb1ebab3262c15202bf03de64b6adac8a6f
pmix-v1.1.3-387-gb4363e6.tar.gz 1.17MB Jan 7, 2017
MD5: 150cffb3dbbc009d6c1108b62685f7e8
SHA1: 3762d5555d9195280d356f6a27ba55342ca3b929
pmix-v1.1.3-383-gabbed20.tar.gz 1.17MB Jan 4, 2017
MD5: f4cc06d44649149fc16956165c2721cc
SHA1: b35f155d09d62a0f9e525b1a46629ff1b35c961d
pmix-v1.1.3-383-gabbed20.tar.bz2 845KB Jan 4, 2017
MD5: e6586e15fd53cc27543f722582a2c0c4
SHA1: 4a1bd7c9901d1048450673622462ebdcbb9591fe