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PMI Exascale (pmix): Master nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the corresponding branch in the git repository during the last day.

Tarballs are made from the git master branch nightly at approximately 9pm US Indiana time.

Latest snapshot version: v1.1.3-167-gb7120bd

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Nightly snapshot pmix-v1.1.3-167-gb7120bd.tar.bz2 590KB Jul 18, 2016
MD5: d213f75b87b26a2e049d1ca60c5bee74
SHA1: 0446f5670ba8b081f673d46aaa6be0ed6956c3ea
pmix-v1.1.3-167-gb7120bd.tar.gz 754KB Jul 18, 2016
MD5: 7c0f1e89b7e49a54ffbcfca6d67684ee
SHA1: 1a21ffa617d1b9e2d7aa8916e296f19b2872e8f2
pmix-v1.1.3-166-gd130079.tar.bz2 590KB Jul 13, 2016
MD5: df7fca58393a5e57ab4b1072aedb3aae
SHA1: ad6351fb29539e7f77ec5b62df801d27226dda6a
pmix-v1.1.3-166-gd130079.tar.gz 754KB Jul 13, 2016
MD5: 7dd09a31ce405a23457da89b9b3a3e21
SHA1: 700ac650d88485684a617f7480200df73497df08
pmix-v1.1.3-165-g9fc9c9e.tar.bz2 590KB Jul 7, 2016
MD5: c7426019e2188e87556f76a9865b6c6e
SHA1: 4d3df080eab62426e68cb4e1aa7bf1a2cfe53e7c
pmix-v1.1.3-165-g9fc9c9e.tar.gz 754KB Jul 7, 2016
MD5: 2eaa7f90fee199887ef922c20f262b0c
SHA1: 9577775f32d56823604c51babcbde8b5e9a751e5
pmix-v1.1.3-163-g446bb96.tar.bz2 583KB Jul 5, 2016
MD5: 72d0135d50443b7cc5b26c3026b08807
SHA1: 5edafe451edeadd2253435e4b9b94b5fd124b012
pmix-v1.1.3-163-g446bb96.tar.gz 741KB Jul 5, 2016
MD5: ec52498d36ad1be130949211f0f97f71
SHA1: 9e0ebf21e56f84c28878f856e6bdfac1167b4a76
pmix-v1.1.3-160-g57bcd4b.tar.gz 741KB Jul 4, 2016
MD5: ef16680d3b699c68a90da8967131f829
SHA1: b9b9255173c53d321a6b2a9dbca53ef9198ebd84
pmix-v1.1.3-160-g57bcd4b.tar.bz2 583KB Jul 4, 2016
MD5: 1b9ae3b482ccd2c4c59c27b359ed3e83
SHA1: 76b7ff2e0c061b23994481b024cab541172dabbc