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PMI Exascale (pmix): Master nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the corresponding branch in the git repository during the last day.

Tarballs are made from the git master branch nightly at approximately 9pm US Indiana time.

Latest snapshot version: v1.1.3-289-gd4f07dc

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Nightly snapshot pmix-v1.1.3-289-gd4f07dc.tar.bz2 796KB Oct 20, 2016
MD5: de0f4ccbfb87c24ed49d84465ba18ad9
SHA1: 3ffb1a3ee98b2cbb5852fd1fe5fd2c875657cc53
pmix-v1.1.3-289-gd4f07dc.tar.gz 1.06MB Oct 20, 2016
MD5: 4c6db1050654b6fe8af10aaaeb163698
SHA1: 09ea6a7e297eb5ae4db5597fcb5ecf5e1314709e
pmix-v1.1.3-288-g8b44660.tar.gz 1.06MB Oct 18, 2016
MD5: cd4c0408ebe2c6daebb5af7c6ba82fd8
SHA1: 78b2495a9ac2e289ae22bf35606e270b34eed862
pmix-v1.1.3-288-g8b44660.tar.bz2 797KB Oct 18, 2016
MD5: 55a88e670abd4894ff1d8111fc8cde7f
SHA1: a1c6402d7554c293b5788d115695180281a6650d
pmix-v1.1.3-285-g6d2d35f.tar.gz 1017KB Oct 17, 2016
MD5: 1a232210525545640f6bd18c3b43b6ff
SHA1: b9b230d96a171ed026935076a1b8a986d784a5e4
pmix-v1.1.3-285-g6d2d35f.tar.bz2 748KB Oct 17, 2016
MD5: e26e9d4950e3560a0e21718a9b6a9c7e
SHA1: 92c1d59ee7957cb939e5c29ab3bc816d4e221b64
pmix-v1.1.3-272-ge6aad3f.tar.gz 1017KB Oct 14, 2016
MD5: 1bcae98fb42316be7a139e9298486ab1
SHA1: 9188c6b0b4d9902fb5b51dbcc6db0d8e3962114b
pmix-v1.1.3-272-ge6aad3f.tar.bz2 749KB Oct 14, 2016
MD5: 22308281852d73ece8f8f7329318a2fd
SHA1: 5d9860627169847e77d73ae8f7d61c3bf689feaa