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Hardware Locality (hwloc): v1.8 series nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Users looking for latest stable releases should look here.

Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the corresponding branch in the Git repository. This may be less than once a day!

Tarballs are made from the Git v1.8 branch nightly at approximately 9pm US Indiana time.

Latest snapshot version: 1.8.1-17-g6056a5b

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Nightly snapshot hwloc-1.8.1-17-g6056a5b.tar.bz2 3.47MB Apr 23, 2014
MD5: 0e762957b3d2b0ed69a66586e5892d05
SHA1: d37c1cbc5bf6bef1a7a8b5af01e5af99deb75a5e
hwloc-1.8.1-17-g6056a5b.tar.gz 3.76MB Apr 23, 2014
MD5: e97d6d63b1e7e41403fe8e26c853d98f
SHA1: 4e30cc8e95d5fcbad48f58203a684cc6a321410b
hwloc-1.8.1-16-g8f409e8.tar.gz 3.76MB Apr 11, 2014
MD5: 33e147977fc815ee6c2e62048dafb6e2
SHA1: bb2c410214b8ef61d39475917b0eeea9dec473eb
hwloc-1.8.1-16-g8f409e8.tar.bz2 3.47MB Apr 11, 2014
MD5: ceecaa2bab5166d6b4e8a9fdebf6906f
SHA1: 59bfb7eaa36f1bc821acdf00acb25222b76769fa
hwloc-1.8.1-15-g469cefc.tar.gz 3.76MB Apr 5, 2014
MD5: 31a487438a9583f691b81973f300948e
SHA1: 7e6e8215fbd75b38f668edc2483b4abc44eacfce
hwloc-1.8.1-15-g469cefc.tar.bz2 3.47MB Apr 5, 2014
MD5: 01efac1e4fbf1422b7020e9544077a51
SHA1: 83784e949218ebce364f1afaea91cb6c0d4a9a3e
hwloc-1.8.1-12-gf5c11a4.tar.bz2 3.46MB Mar 27, 2014
MD5: 033e144e081ec049139203bfdb2a1f77
SHA1: aa80ab48e834af0439e4bddaa18a634433028809
hwloc-1.8.1-12-gf5c11a4.tar.gz 3.76MB Mar 27, 2014
MD5: 8cf770a69023d7ba07aa3fed44e59cbe
SHA1: 292c6390b1888004688e1792bf7eaf8770e56ecd
hwloc-1.8.1-11-g969ae06.tar.bz2 3.39MB Mar 18, 2014
MD5: b65fd7d34c7f5c783d6d6c403dea07bf
SHA1: 950c542264c9a4d0b6eb17acf498a949260f518e
hwloc-1.8.1-11-g969ae06.tar.gz 3.77MB Mar 18, 2014
MD5: 139b9bde65fcac2821a61860b5e08869
SHA1: ddf12482e8f1c3739215df818615c4f61aa410e4