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Hardware Locality (hwloc): Master nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Users looking for latest stable releases should look here.

Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the corresponding branch in the Git repository. This may be less than once a day!

Tarballs are made from the Git master branch nightly at approximately 9pm US Indiana time.

Latest snapshot version: dev-1004-g6026388

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Nightly snapshot hwloc-dev-1004-g6026388.tar.gz 5.04MB Feb 9, 2016
MD5: fc74a3f06500fda6d8cc42bb54d5a1e1
SHA1: 0e319a0fb89283f1797e1fd9814a3b34b61872df
hwloc-dev-1004-g6026388.tar.bz2 4.63MB Feb 9, 2016
MD5: fe156d8dca7774fa0f07716a150a0e67
SHA1: d6fdad83a6f308c4148687412eacbb85b529caec
hwloc-dev-1001-g4cfbaf8.tar.gz 5.03MB Feb 6, 2016
MD5: 5d394d2f9ba8c3d3c4cb67aa210552bb
SHA1: 4f9cffdd0938dc2a8a5f339a67fd5c81fea886c6
hwloc-dev-1001-g4cfbaf8.tar.bz2 4.63MB Feb 6, 2016
MD5: 897e7cecb7086532ed24cf06d31830e6
SHA1: 20bb06f401503e10ce32baf5e1496f11f6d0c4b5
hwloc-dev-988-gaeee8a0.tar.gz 5.05MB Feb 3, 2016
MD5: 250e356af2a809230d7a1bc4ea1cd4ef
SHA1: 40049cc457a9a421ac58a2858ab188c0a0034f96
hwloc-dev-988-gaeee8a0.tar.bz2 4.65MB Feb 3, 2016
MD5: 6f0e78d186a7f2f62d27e166667c2ab7
SHA1: 8836bad9199a7ff2cc1af38373b0cffcdd6e925f
hwloc-dev-987-g2ec98cc.tar.gz 5.05MB Feb 2, 2016
MD5: 5b0c799f51f853a3c6eb0014f574d7a2
SHA1: 863bc5c90b55097c6d6a597d11b9491f6d9486d6
hwloc-dev-987-g2ec98cc.tar.bz2 4.64MB Feb 2, 2016
MD5: 21b69610898a484688cfa33c26f05c7d
SHA1: bc4a8c5f693903ffc971f99b6743ef3e15d920b2
hwloc-dev-984-g461bac5.tar.gz 5.05MB Jan 31, 2016
MD5: 04e0eb9a3a0e79cffd5e19ef53a76c9b
SHA1: 508baa932c00b402dd11bc1e320704264541575f
hwloc-dev-984-g461bac5.tar.bz2 4.64MB Jan 31, 2016
MD5: bb7182ac91e9d99cf97b9594c2ed26fb
SHA1: c6fa362d0b7ce39d9dd04f6823443c810871f69d