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Hardware Locality (hwloc): Master nightly snapshot tarballs

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These are not stable releases of software packages!

Users looking for latest stable releases should look here.

Note that snapshots are only generated when there has been a commit to the corresponding branch in the Git repository. This may be less than once a day!

Tarballs are made from the Git master branch nightly at approximately 9pm US Indiana time.

Latest snapshot version: dev-1208-g6cc37e8

Contents File names Size Date Checksums (GNU md5sum and sha1sum v5.2.1)
Nightly snapshot hwloc-dev-1208-g6cc37e8.tar.gz 5.07MB Jul 21, 2016
MD5: 3d443bd026014046f777166e3f39e951
SHA1: f3acd4e991183f31ffde04efadbbf37c7ec996b9
hwloc-dev-1208-g6cc37e8.tar.bz2 4.67MB Jul 21, 2016
MD5: 508a2cfd16e16d7f5c8e9051886ce188
SHA1: 1bd37251d85d67c1433a3d21d7e33ed74c6c1141
hwloc-dev-1183-g521354f.tar.gz 5.08MB Jul 14, 2016
MD5: aed3f085edd42ccde66e2710c0b3947a
SHA1: 4cba9197e6c9446762d7e270f742ed69dc33855f
hwloc-dev-1183-g521354f.tar.bz2 4.67MB Jul 14, 2016
MD5: 74a19eb8b4bb0d009ae785127103cad5
SHA1: 8ff21d80da807b36246689df55a58b29b94b4834
hwloc-dev-1179-gf061101.tar.gz 5.07MB Jul 13, 2016
MD5: dc989bc57ba0dfca14e06970ad50be97
SHA1: d3c5a8257f6d5680c11e86b5da2f5608240d3d07
hwloc-dev-1179-gf061101.tar.bz2 4.62MB Jul 13, 2016
MD5: dc06604a8e740d7859533d0ad2029c08
SHA1: 78447a0daddbbe3f545c79851a8d39bc68603515
hwloc-dev-1177-g5718fe3.tar.gz 5.07MB Jul 12, 2016
MD5: 35e40cd7477e8b1028b05ea973286f70
SHA1: ffb6e28fd337d5468c1e2f75d16e9786a911cc5d
hwloc-dev-1177-g5718fe3.tar.bz2 4.62MB Jul 12, 2016
MD5: b3920ed63b0f8f43ca90df504e88d655
SHA1: 9e0a154d4fae6fc37181680a7e39f05deb25d49c
hwloc-dev-1176-g8a023cc.tar.gz 5.07MB Jul 8, 2016
MD5: e0a7814ea45eb26e31ce59478b6babd8
SHA1: 8e5aae1c4cbc6a7ef6cc212d660485cade6563c3
hwloc-dev-1176-g8a023cc.tar.bz2 4.62MB Jul 8, 2016
MD5: 2205e427ccee2c54eff26ff3cda123e0
SHA1: b5c627fb297c095e21107318fbb5e07a58e1a2f7