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Portable Hardware Locality (hwloc) Documentation: v1.4.2

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Cache-specific Finding Helpers


static inline hwloc_obj_t hwloc_get_cache_covering_cpuset (hwloc_topology_t topology, hwloc_const_cpuset_t set)
static inline hwloc_obj_t hwloc_get_shared_cache_covering_obj (hwloc_topology_t topology , hwloc_obj_t obj)

Function Documentation

static inline hwloc_obj_t hwloc_get_cache_covering_cpuset ( hwloc_topology_t  topology,
hwloc_const_cpuset_t  set 
) [static]

Get the first cache covering a cpuset set.

NULL if no cache matches.
This function cannot work if the root object does not have a CPU set, e.g. if the topology is made of different machines.
static inline hwloc_obj_t hwloc_get_shared_cache_covering_obj ( hwloc_topology_t topology  ,
hwloc_obj_t  obj 
) [static]

Get the first cache shared between an object and somebody else.

NULL if no cache matches or if an invalid object is given.