At the moment, the answer is "no". :-/

However, we do have a "ticket" in our plans to add a "addhost" and "addhostfile" capability to the system. I haven't implemented it yet because of other priorities and the fact that nobody has asked for it before now.

Well...actually, people -did- ask for it a long time ago, but not for quite awhile now. ;-)

Anyway, I can implement those features pretty easily. Could get to it in the next few days - otherwise, it will have to wait another week as I will be out.

Either way, though, it would only be in the OMPI devel trunk until the next feature series (1.5) has its first release. Haven't set the date for that, though it will likely be this summer.


On Jul 2, 2009, at 12:45 AM, vipin kumar wrote:

Hi all,

I got the solution but its not flexible. I have to provide two host files "chfile" and "dhfile". Contents of host files are as follows

$ cat chfile
#This file contains all slaves as well as master node

$cat dhfile
#This file contains all slave nodes

and the command line I am using is

$ mpirun -np 1 -hostfile chfile launcher -hostfile dhfile

but this is not what I want.
   I don't know in advance which and how many remote nodes can be there. Dynamically nodes may be added and requested to serve the master. So I am assuming that I have only local machine where I will invoke launcher program. When one remote node gets added launcher program will launch one "slave" in local machine and one "rslave" in remote machine.

Is there any other way to do this.


On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 10:49 AM, vipin kumar <> wrote:
Hi all,

 I am trying to spawn dynamically processes in remote as well as local machine using MPI::Intracomm::Spawn_multiple. I am using MPI::Info object to tell where to launch processes using "host" key and "<ip_address>" as its value but but I am getting the error 

There are no allocated resources for the application
that match the requested mapping:

Verify that you have mapped the allocated resources properly using the
--host or --hostfile specification.

I tried with "<hostname>" too.
but its not working.

It works fine if I give the value "localhost" to "host:" key. It launches successfully processes in local machine.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

Vipin K.
Research Engineer,
C-Dot, Bangalore, India

Vipin K.
Research Engineer,
C-DOTB, India
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