While trying error-related functionality of OMPI, I came across a situation where when I use MPI_ERRORS_RETURN error handler, the errors do not come out correctly from WAIT calls.

The program below correctly terminates with a fatal “message truncated” error, but when the line setting the error handler to MPI_ERRORS_RETURN is uncommented, it silently completes. I expected the print out that checks the status after WAIT call to be executed, but it wasn’t.

The issue didn’t happen when using blocking recv.


A bug or my incorrect usage?




// mpic++ -o test test.cpp

// mpirun -np2 ./test

#include "mpi.h"

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;


int main (int argc, char *argv[])


    int rank;

    char buf[100] = "hmmmm";

    MPI::Status stat;


    MPI::Init(argc, argv);

    rank = MPI::COMM_WORLD.Get_rank();


//    MPI::COMM_WORLD.Set_errhandler(MPI::ERRORS_RETURN);


    if (rank == 0)


        MPI::Request r = MPI::COMM_WORLD.Irecv(buf, 1, MPI_CHAR, MPI::ANY_SOURCE, MPI::ANY_TAG);


        if (stat.Get_error() != MPI::SUCCESS)


            cout << "0: Error during recv" << endl;





        MPI::COMM_WORLD.Send(buf, 2, MPI_CHAR, 0, 0);




    return (0);




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