This is a joke, right?

OpenMPI has had that since the 1.2 line.

Eugene Loh wrote:
Ah.  George, you should have thought about that.  I understand your eagerness to share this exciting news, but perhaps an April-1st announcement detracted from the seriousness of this grand development.

Here's another desirable MPI feature.  People talk about "error detection/correction".  We should do that in MPI.  Decide what the user *meant* to do, and do that "under the hood" rather than what they actually programmed.  Now, *that* would be a competitive advantage!  (E.g., I'm spending a lot of time trying to get good latency measurements... why can't OMPI just detect that and give me good latency measurements!)

Anthony Thevenin wrote:

does anymone think of an April fool's day???

George Bosilca wrote:

The Open MPI Team, representing a consortium of bailed-out banks, car
manufacturers, and insurance companies, is pleased to announce the
release of the "unbreakable" / bug-free version Open MPI 2009,
(expected to be available by mid-2011).  This release is essentially a
complete rewrite of Open MPI based on new technologies such as C#,
Java, and object-oriented Cobol (so say we all!).  Buffer overflows
and memory leaks are now things of the past.  We strongly recommend
that all users upgrade to Windows 7 to fully take advantage of the new
powers embedded in Open MPI.

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