Hi guys,

This is my first foray into the world of OpenMPI (MPICH 1, 2 and LAM so far), and I'm keen to test checkpointing using the BLCR kernel modules. I get the BLCR components to build just fine (v0.8.1), but the OpenMPI build fails with:

%  ./configure --with-blcr=/opt/blcr --with-blcr-libdir=/opt/blcr/lib --prefix=/opt/openmpi

<lots of stuff deleted>
--- MCA component crs:blcr (m4 configuration macro)
checking for MCA component crs:blcr compile mode... dso
checking --with-blcr value... sanity check ok (/opt/blcr)
checking --with-blcr-libdir value... sanity check ok (/opt/blcr/lib)
configure: WARNING: BLCR support requested but not found.  Perhaps you need to specify the location of the BLCR libraries.
configure: error: Aborting.

This is strange, as both /opt/blcr and /opt/blcr/lib are sensibly populated:

% ls -F /opt/blcr
bin/  include/  lib/  man/

% ls -F /opt/blcr/lib
blcr/         libcr_omit.la*        libcr_run.a      libcr_run.so.0.5.1*
libcr.a       libcr_omit.so@        libcr_run.la*    libcr.so@
libcr.la*     libcr_omit.so.0@      libcr_run.so@    libcr.so.0@
libcr_omit.a  libcr_omit.so.0.5.1*  libcr_run.so.0@  libcr.so.0.5.1*

I'm using gcc 4.3.2 under Debian "Lenny" (kernel 2.6.26). Have I missed anything obvious?

Thanks for any help,

ps. Could this be related to the message posted last September: http://www.open-mpi.org/community/lists/users/2008/09/6669.php  ?

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