You can use MPI_REQUEST_GET_STATUS as a way to "test" without deallocation.

I do not understand the reason you would forward the request (as a request) to another function. The data is already in a specific receive buffer by the time an MPI_Test returns TRUE so calling the function and passing it the buffer address, and tag seems functionally equivalent. If the called function needs information from the MPI_Status (beyond tag) returned by MPI_Test you can pass it the status you get back. The MPI_Status is in application managed memory so the function can do whatever you like with it after it has referenced it for the data.

malloc a status
if (flag == TRUE)
call function passing the status structure // use tag info from status to pick the function & let the function free the status

If you do pass the un-deallocated request, remember your function must still MPI_Wait it.

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> If an MPI_Irecv has already been posted, and a single message is sent
> to the receiver, then will an MPI_Probe return that there is no
> message waiting to be received? The message has already been received
> by the MPI_Irecv. It's the MPI_Request object of the MPI_Irecv call
> that needs to be probed, but MPI_Test has the side effect of also
> deallocating the MPI_Request object.
> Cheers,
> Shaun
> Justin wrote:
> > Have you tried MPI_Probe?
> >
> > Justin
> >
> > Shaun Jackman wrote:
> >> Is there a function similar to MPI_Test that doesn't deallocate the
> >> MPI_Request object? I would like to test if a message has been
> >> received (MPI_Irecv), check its tag, and dispatch the MPI_Request to
> >> another function based on that tag.
> >>
> >> Cheers,
> >> Shaun
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