I can't remember if I've forwarded this to the OMPI lists before; pardon if you have seen this before.  I have one of these books and I find it quite handy.  IMHO: it's quite a steal for US$25 (~600 pages).

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From: "Rolf Rabenseifner" <rabenseifner@hlrs.de>
Date: March 18, 2009 10:21:31 AM EDT
Subject: New MPI-2.1 standard in hardcover - the yellow book

Please forward this announcement to any colleagues who may be
interested. Our apologies if you receive multiple copies.

Dear MPI user,

now, the new official MPI-2.1 standard (June 2008)
in hardcover can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

As a service (at costs) for users of the Message Passing Interface,
HLRS has printed the new Standard, Version 2.1, June 23, 2008
in hardcover. The price is only 17 Euro or 25 US-$.

You can find a picture of the book and the text of the standard at
Selling & shipping of the book is done through

It is the complete MPI in one book! This was one of the goals of MPI-2.1.
I was responsible for this project in the international MPI Forum.

HLRS is not a commercial publisher. Therefore, in the first months,
the book was only available at some conferences.
Now, the international shipping is organized through a web store:

Only a limited number of books is available.

Best regards
Rolf Rabenseifner

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