I built a fresh version of lammps v29Jan09 against Open MPI 1.3 which in turn was built with Gnu compilers v4.2.4 on an Ubuntu 8.04 x86_64 box. This Open MPI build was able to generate usable binaries such as XHPL and NPB, but the lammps binary it generated was not usable.

I tried it with a couple of different versions of the lammps source, but to no avail. No errors during the builds and a binary was created, but when executing the job it quickly exits with no messages other than:

jpummil@stealth:~$ mpirun -np 4 -hostfile hosts /home/jpummil/lmp_Stealth-OMPI < in.testbench_small
LAMMPS (22 Jan 2008)

Interestingly, I downloaded Open MPI 1.2.8, built it with the same configure options I had used with 1.3, and it worked.

I'm getting by fine with 1.2.8. I just wanted to file a possible bug report on 1.3 and see if others have seen this behavior.


Jeff F. Pummill
Senior Linux Cluster Administrator
TeraGrid Campus Champion - UofA
University of Arkansas