I had tried just the compile line using –O0, but it did not help.  The last

assembly I actually wrote was for a Cray Y-MP I think, so I don’t intend on

delving into that.


Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

I do have access to what I call a Frankenstein Cluster of Itaniums ( different

manufactures and different OS’s) to support our clients, so I don’t mind



Sorry I could not help,





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  Intel recommends to set all of the compile flags, like CCFLAGS, to -O2.  Other than than, we are doing nothing different than what Intel recommends.


When I set CCAS=ias, ./configure does not make it through the Assembler stage.


When I set CCAS=ias and CASFLAGS= (I am setting it to nothing), it makes it through the Assembler config stage and fails at another point in make.  I will send another email with the actual errors.  I thought I would relay this information to you,




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