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Thanks! I will try that.

> On Oct 19, 2008, at 7:05 PM, Wen Hao Wang wrote:
>> I have one cluster without Internet connection. I want to test  
>> OpenMPI functions on it. It seems MTT can not be used. Do I have any  
>> other choice for the testing?
> You can always run tests manually.  MTT is simply our harness for  
> automated testing, which *usually* (but not always) involves  
> downloading the latest nightly snapshot from the IU web site.
> You can certainly configure MTT to use a local copy of Open MPI and  
> not use the IU web nightly snapshot.
>> I have tried lamtest. "make -k check" gave a lot of IB related  
>> warnings, indicating that my dat.conf file contained invalid entry.  
>> Each machine of my cluster has one IB connectX adapter installed.  
>> But do not know why lamtest detected that.
> You must have built with udapl support.  Open MPI will use as many  
> interfaces as you have built for; if you have built support for udapl  
> (which I do not believe we build by default on Linux -- you have to  
> specifically ask for it to be built because [among other reasons] OMPI  
> would prefer to use verbs, not udapl), then we initialize udapl at run  
> time and if you have an illegal dat.conf file, then I'm guessing udapl  
> is complaining about it.  I don't know very much about udapl, so I  
> can't give good guidance here (other than suggesting not building  
> udapl support and just testing the native verbs support, which is  
> where we put all of our effort for Linux/OpenFabrics/Open MPI support).
> OMPI's udapl support is mainly for Sun, because udapl *is* [currently]  
> their high-performance network stack.
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