If you used “openmpi=yes” then you will also need to specify “proc=open”.  I believe that was

the specification in 2007.0.3.








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Am 20.10.2008 um 12:18 schrieb Pedro G:

I would like to know if Msc Nastran supports openmpi.

I have been searching in google about Nastran and Openmpi but I couldn't find if it works or not.

Now I'm using lam/mpi for nastran parallel jobs, but I have some problems with lam, nastran and sge, so I'd like to upgrade to openmpi.

do you have the source code of the application? If you have only the binary compiled for LAM, then you can't do anything to change. You checked the LAM/MPI Howto at the SGE website?


No, I don't have the source code, the application seems to be able to work with openmpi since it has an option openmpi=yes in the command line, but I couldn't make it to work. Anyway, I think it is not fully supported yet since there is nothing about that option in the user manual


About LAM/MPI I have already read the howto and did a tight integration. The problem is that Msc Nastran in parallel jobs start a new lam environment getting out of control of sge.


I contacted with Nastran and they told that was a LAM/MPI or SGE problem.





-- Reuti
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