Hi Pedro,


MSC Nastran 2008 uses OpenMPI as the default.  LAM/MPI is an option.


MD Nastran ( MD R3 ) uses OpenMPI as the default.  LAM/MPI, HP/MPI and Intel/MPI are options.


MDR2 had LAM/MPI as the Default and OpenMPI as an option.


Feel free to contact me directly if you have further questions.



Joe Griffin

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Hello everybody, I am new here.


I would like to know if Msc Nastran supports openmpi.


I have been searching in google about Nastran and Openmpi but I couldn't find if it works or not.


Now I'm using lam/mpi for nastran parallel jobs, but I have some problems with lam, nastran and sge, so I'd like to upgrade to openmpi.


Thank you very much.


Pedro Gonzalez