If using the Intel v10.1.x compilers to build a 64-bit version, by default (default installation), Intel invokes the 64-bit compiler. But yes, you can use the "-m64" flag as well.

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The CXX compiler should be icpc, not icc.

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<openmpi build>

Dear all,

I tried to build the latest v1.2.7 open-mpi version on Mac OS X  
10.5.5 using the intel c, c++ and fortran compilers v10.1.017 (the  
latest ones released by intel). Before starting the build I have  
properly configured the CC, CXX, F77 and FC environment variables  
(to icc and ifort). The build failed due to undefined symbols.

I am attaching a log of the failed build process.
Any clue? Am I doing something wrong?

Also, to build a 64 bit version it is enough to supply in the  
corresponding environment variables the -m64 option ?
Thank you in advance and best regards,