I have one MPI job consisting of two parts. One is "foo_x86", the other is "foo_ppc", and there is MPI communication between "foo_x86" and "foo_ppc".
"foo_x86" is built on X86 box "b1", "foo_pcc" is built on PPC box "b2". Anyone can tell me how to start this MPI job?

I tried "mpirun -np 1 foo_x86 : -np 1 foo_ppc -H b1,b2"

I tried the above command on "b1", the X86 box, and I got "foo_ppc: Exec Format error"
I tired on "b2", the PPC box, and I got "foo_x86: Exec format error"

Anybody has a clue? Thanks in advance.

Mi Yan