I want to perform LINPACK test on my m/c, I have only 1 GB RAM on the m/c where I want to run 12 parallel Linpack processes on SLES 10.

I am using of Mpich-1.2.7p1. (Mpich is built with –rsh=ssh option)

I have modified HPL.dat accordingly,

            P = 3

            Q = 4    (so as to make PxQ = 12)

            N = 8640 (so as to make use of only 56% of available memory and leave rest for host processes)

            NB = 11520

I have also set ulimit –l unlimited..

Created a machine.list file by specifying my m/c’s IP address 12 times. (So as to execute all 12 processes on the same m/c) and using GotoBLAS for the Linpack execution


Execution command:

mpirun –np 12 –machinefile machine.list xhpl


Upon execution, I get following error:


            HPL ERROR from process # 0, on line 419 of function HPL_pdinfo:

>>> Need at least 12 processes for these tests <<<


Please guide me where am I going wrong



Best Regards,

Aditya  Vasal

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