Hello all:

I have two questions to set openmpi compilers.

1. How can I change/set Fortran compiler used after installing openmpi?
I installed openmpi-1.2.5-2 on RHEL5.2 Server with x86_32 arch. The rpm has been shipped RHEL images. I directly installed the rpms without compiling the source code. Now all mpi* compiler wrappers point to GNU compilers. I need change to use Intel compilers by default. How should I do? I caught one message about configuration files /etc/openmpi-mca-params.conf and $HOME/.openmpi/mca-params.conf. Not sure whether these two files can help. While I failed to find detailed explanation for them.

2. Can I use Intel compiler and GNU compiler together?
I am not sure whether I can use two types of compiler to compile one program. For example, use GNU c/c++ compiler and Intel Fortran compiler together to compile my project.


Wen Hao Wang
Email: wangwhao@cn.ibm.com