Dear Developers,
I am new to openmpi and IRIX, I used it for parallel computing of a CFD codes.
Attachment is the full version of the error I met! please help, thanks a lot!
The error message looks like this,
> atomic-asm.s: Assembler messages:
> atomic-asm.s:8: Error: unrecognized opcode > `leaf(opal_atomic_mb)'
The same question I searched in the mailing list is in 2005, by  Jonathan Day,
3 years have past, I wonder why this error is still remained unsolved on IRIX? or am I missing something?
Best Regards,
Daniel Venn
Tongji Univ.
Shanghai, China
GNU compiler (gcc g++ gfortran)
GNU binutils (ld etc.)
GNU make
GNU libtools
and so on.