You probably want to use all the intel compilers, not just ifort.


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  Dear Sir:

I think that this problem must be solved, and maybe some information 
should be given in the archives.  But, I miss the right answer in my 
searching area, so please allow me to repeat.

I tried to install openmpi-1.2.5 to a new xserve (Xeon) with Leopard.  
Intel compiler is used for Fortran.

My options for configure was
along with
--with-rsh="ssh -x" --enable-shared --without-cs-fs --without-memory-

Then, I saw an error message.  This says

checking if C and Fortran 77 are link compatible... no
* It appears that your Fortran 77 compiler is unable to link against
* object files created by your C compiler.  This generally indicates
* either a conflict between the options specified in CFLAGS and FFLAGS
* or a problem with the local compiler installation.  More
* information (including exactly what command was given to the
* compilers and what error resulted when the commands were executed) is
* available in the config.log file in this directory.
configure: error: C and Fortran 77 compilers are not link compatible.  
Can not continue.

I suppose that the problem is the default selection for the 
architecture (32 or 64 bit).  I don't know the correct options.  Of 
course, I like to use 64-bit architecture as far as it works.

Best regard,

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