When you log in to the remote system, use ssh -X or ssh -Y which will export the xterm back thru the ssh connection.

Jeff Pummill
University of Arkansas

Krishna Chaitanya wrote:
               I have been tracing the interactions between the PERUSE and MPI library,on one machine. I have been using gdb along with xterm to have two windows open at the same time as I step through the code. I wish to get a better glimpse of the working of the point to point calls, by launching the job on two machines and by tracing the flow in a similar manner. This is where I stand as of now :

mpirun --prefix /usr/local -hostfile machines  -np 2 xterm -e gdb peruse_ex1
xterm Xt error: Can't open display:
xterm:  DISPLAY is not set

               I tried using the display option for xterm and setting the value as 0.0, that was not of much help.
               If someone can guide me as to where the DISPLAY parameter has to be set to allow the remote machine to open the xterm window, it will be of great help.


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