The pkg in question is here:

The question is:  has anyone on this list got OpenMPI working for this pkg?  Any suggestions?

thanks, Randy

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Subject: R npRmpi

Been looking into the npRmpi problem

I can get a segfault executing

The documentation .html files under npRmpi contains the following:

"mpi.spawn.Rslaves to spawn R slaves on selected hosts. This is
a LAM-MPI specific function."

sh: lamnodes: command not found

The documentation for nearly all calls send you to for more information.

Looks for all the world this package depends on LAM-MPI which
is not installed on Quarry. I don't think pointing the build
at an OpenMPI install will help. The .c sources will compile
just fine but when R goes to use them it refers to LAM-MPI
dependent functions and behaves  badly.