SLURM was really easy to build and install, plus it's a project of LLNL and I love stuff that the Nat'l Labs architect.

The SLURM message board is also very active and quick to respond to questions and problems.

Jeff F. Pummill

Bill Johnstone wrote:
Hello All.

We are starting to need resource/scheduling management for our small
cluster, and I was wondering if any of you could provide comments on
what you think about Torque vs. SLURM?  On the basis of the appearance
of active development as well as the documentation, SLURM seems to be
superior, but can anyone shed light on how they compare in use?

I realize the truth in the stock answer of "it depends on what you
need/want," but as of yet we are not experienced enough with this kind
of thing to have a set of firm requirements.  At this point, we can
probably adapt our workflow/usage a little bit to accomodate the way
the resource manager works.  And of course we'll be using OpenMPI with
whatever resource manager we go with.

Anyway, enough from me -- I'm looking to hear other's experiences and

Thanks for any input!

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