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Dear All,

    Could anyone tell me the important tuning parameters in openmpi with IB interconnect? I tried setting eager_rdma, min_rdma_size, mpi_leave_pinned parameters from the mpirun command line on 38 nodes cluster (38*2 processors) but in vain. I found simple mpirun with no mca parameters performing better. I conducted test on P2P send/receive with data size of 8MB.

    Similarly i patched HPL linpack code with libnbc(non blocking collectives) and found no performance benefits. I went through its patch and found that, its probably not overlapping computation with communication.

Any help in this direction would be appreciated.


I'm Matteo, and I work for a company that produces HPC systems, in Italy.
I'm new in that company and I'm looking for some help, and this thread seems to be good :)
In the last days we're benchmarking a system, and I'm interested in some performance
scores of the infiniband interconnect.
The nodes are dual dual-core opteron machines and we use the PCI-X IB interfaces Mellanox Cougar Cub.
Machines have the 8111 system controller and the 8131 PCI-X bridge.
We reach a rate of about 600 MB/s in the point-to-point tests.
This rate (more or less) is reported both by the ib_*_bw benchmarks and the IMB-MPI (sendrecv) benchmarks, version 3.
MPI implementation is, of course, openmpi.
I've read in a few places that a similar setup can reach about 800 MB/s on machines similar to those descripted above.
Someone can confirm this? Someone have similar hardware and the measured bandwidth is better than 600 MB/s?

Thank you in advance,
Best regards,


Cicuttin Matteo

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