Hello all,

I am a newbie at much of mpi application and try to provide support for various users in the hpc community.
I have run into something that I don't quite understand. I have some code that is meant to open a file for reading, but at compile time I get "Could not resolve generic procedure mpi_file_set_view"

I am using openmpi 1.2-1 compiled with Torque and the PGI compilers.

The oddity is that when I change the line from:
        call MPI_FILE_SET_VIEW(fh, 0, MPI_REAL4, MPI_REAL4, 'native', MPI_INFO_NULL, ierr)
        call MPI_FILE_SET_VIEW(fh, empty, MPI_REAL4, MPI_REAL4, 'native', MPI_INFO_NULL, ierr)

It compiles fine. I don't understand why I get an error when passing a literal integer rather than using a variable for a placeholder for the displacement argument.

Any feedback or information to help me learn is appreciated.

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