Thanks guys!

Setting F77=gfortran did the trick.

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Jeff Squyres wrote:
On Jun 12, 2007, at 5:56 AM, Terry Frankcombe wrote:

I downloaded and configured v1.2.2 this morning on an Opteron cluster
using the following configure directives...

./configure --prefix=/share/apps CC=gcc CXX=g++ F77=g77 FC=gfortran
What does config.log say?  (Look for 'Fortran 90'.)  config.log should
be your first port of call when trying to debug build problems in any
"configure"-d project.

Exactly.  OMPI's configure probably determined that it should not  
build the F90 bindings, so it didn't (hence, mpif90 is non- 
functional).  If I had to guess, it's because you specified both g77  
and gfortran.  When using gfortran, you should probably use it for  
both F77 and FC.  That will likely fix your problem.

If it doesn't, please see this web page for more details on getting  

Consider this a compile-time problem (because OMPI decided not to  
build the F90 bindings) and send all the information listed.  Thanks!