There are a variety of ways to create shared memory segments.  I am not a
 Fortran expert, but do believe this is something that needs to be done from c/c++.
 In Open MPI we use the mmap set of routines to create the shared memory segments
 we use.


On 5/28/07 10:21 PM, "Tahir Malas" <tmalas@ee.bilkent.edu.tr> wrote:

> There is nothing preventing you from creating your own shared memory
> segment
> for use by your application.  This does not impact the MPI implementation.
> You need to make sure you take care of all the issues associated with
> multiple procs/threads accessing the same cache lines, which can cause
> quite
> a bit of performance degradation, if not managed.
> Rich

How can we create "our own shared memory segment?" Do you mean Linux System
calls? I see shmget routine, for example, but it is a C routine. Do we have
to write a fortran interface to use it?

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