Dear Open MPI User's and Developers,

I encountered a problem with Open MPI when porting an application, which successfully ran with LAM MPI and MPICH.

The program produces a segmentation fault (see [1] for the stack trace) when doing the MPI_Send with the following arguments:

MPI_Send((void *)0, 1, datatype, rank, tag, comm_);

The first argument seems to be wrong at first sight, but is correct because the argument "datatype" is an MPI_Datatype,
which describes the memory layout of the object to be sent and is zero-based. The other arguments are as expected: one such object is sent to rank "rank" with tag "tag" with the help of the communicator "comm_". The MPI_Datatype is constructed programmatically from the objects member definitions using MPI_Type_struct. The MPI types involved are solely

I can reproduce the problem with the stable 1.2 release as well as the 1.2.1a snapshot of Open MPI.
My OS is Linux with Kernel 2.6.18 (Debian Etch) running on standard Dual Xeon Hardware with GigE.

I tried to reduce the amount of data sent by excluding some of the object's members from the transmission. There does not seem to be a certain member or type which causes the problem. There seems to be a limit of members/data/size which determines  the success of the call. The "datatype" structure describes the type and location of approx. 2'000'000 numbers. The data itself is approx. 16MB (2M * 8 bytes/number assuming doubles), which I expect not to cause any problem to a MPI implementation.

Thank you for hints, ideas or suggestions where the problem could be.



[head:09133] *** Process received signal ***
[head:09133] Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
[head:09133] Signal code: Address not mapped (1)
[head:09133] Failing at address: 0xb0127475
[head:09133] [ 0] [0xb7f0f440]
[head:09133] [ 1] /usr/lib/ [0xb668f9a0]
[head:09133] [ 2] /usr/lib/openmpi/ [0xb56daef0]
[head:09133] [ 3] /usr/lib/openmpi/ [0xb5726ede]
[head:09133] [ 4] /usr/lib/openmpi/ [0xb5728238]
[head:09133] [ 5] /usr/lib/openmpi/ [0xb56ddc65]
[head:09133] [ 6] /usr/lib/ [0xb65bcf12]
[head:09133] [ 7] /usr/lib/ [0xb65bcfd9]
[head:09133] [ 8] /usr/lib/ [0xb65b7260]
[head:09133] [ 9] /usr/lib/openmpi/ [0xb571f965]
[head:09133] [10] /usr/lib/ [0xb66abf0f]
[head:09133] [11] /opt/plato/release_1.0/bin/engine(_ZN2GP15MPIProcessGroup4sendERKNS_9MemoryMapEii+0xd9) [0x81cec03]
[head:09133] [12] /opt/plato/release_1.0/bin/engine(_ZN2GP15MPIProcessGroup4sendEN5boost10shared_ptrINS_6EntityEEEii+0x2d0) [0x81d0358]
[head:09133] [13] /opt/plato/release_1.0/bin/engine(_ZN2GP20ParallelDataAccessor4loadEN5boost10shared_ptrINS_6EntityEEE+0x23b) [0x853c939]
[head:09133] [14] /opt/plato/release_1.0/bin/engine(_ZN2GP12Transactions6createEPKN11xercesc_2_77DOMNodeE+0x57f) [0x8426553]
[head:09133] [15] /opt/plato/release_1.0/bin/engine(_ZN2GP7FactoryIN5boost10shared_ptrINS_7XmlBaseEEESsPFS4_PKN11xercesc_2_77DOMNodeEENS_19DefaultFactoryErrorEE12createObjectES8_+0x76) [0x81ca06a]
[head:09133] [16] /opt/plato/release_1.0/bin/engine(_ZN2GP16XmlFactoryParser7descentEPN11xercesc_2_77DOMNodeEb+0x5b2) [0x81cd700]
[head:09133] [17] /opt/plato/release_1.0/bin/engine(_ZN2GP9XmlParser8traverseEb+0x278) [0x81c1eca]
[head:09133] [18] /opt/plato/release_1.0/bin/engine(_ZN2GP16XmlFactoryParser8traverseEb+0x19) [0x81c9eeb]
[head:09133] [19] /opt/plato/release_1.0/bin/engine(main+0x1d23) [0x81617f7]
[head:09133] [20] /lib/tls/i686/cmov/ [0xb6348ea8]
[head:09133] [21] /opt/plato/release_1.0/bin/engine(__gxx_personality_v0+0x15d) [0x815a731]
[head:09133] *** End of error message ***
mpirun noticed that job rank 0 with PID 9133 on node head exited on signal 11 (Segmentation fault).
2 additional processes aborted (not shown)