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I think your tar file didn’t get attached – at least, it didn’t reach me. Can you please send it again?


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I'm an MPICH2 user trying out openmpi. I'm running a 1G network under Red Hat 9, but using the g++ 3.4.3 compiler. Openmpi compiled and installed fine but none of my applications that run under MPICH2 will run.  I decided to go backwards and try to run a non-mpi application like /bin/ps, same results.
mpirun -np 2 --host zebra1,bug --mca pls_rsh_debug 1 --mca pls_rsh_agent rsh /bin/ps
The end result is the console is frozen. orted is running on both nodes, one version of orted is zombied under mpirun. I get the same results trying to run a simple mpi application. The enclosed tar has all the info you ask for and then some. I know I'm probably just not doing something right but you're documentation leaves a lot to be desired. The best doc seems to the be FAQ. There doesn't seem to be anything more comprehensive, if there is please tell me. Also, you need to define an == operator for MPI::Request that will allow a request to be compared to MPI_NULL_REQUEST. I don't see any way to do this in you c++ implementation.  
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