Hello All,

We are in the process to decide, if we should use Open MPI in an AIX environment.

Our in-house testing indicates that OMPI (V 1.1.x and V 1.2.x) stdio is broken under AIX. 

At this point, I am trying to find out if there is a fix or work-around for this problem. I have put another

posting (see attached). One recommendation was try pre-release of V 1.2, which didn't make any difference.

I am hoping that an OMPI developer or someone from IBM come up with a solution.  

Open MPI documentation, indicates that AIX is being supported, with limited testing before each release.

What is limited testing? Does it mean, Configure, Install and running "Hello World" on one node?

In short, we did configure and installed  V 1.1.x as well as V1.2.x, but attempt to running

a simple test such as "mpirun -np 1 hostname", fails, see attached for more details.

I have eight  nodes IBM systems, I could run any test, to solve this problem.

Thanks for your comments



From Previous Posting on OMPI user's group


I have installed Open MPI 1.1.2  on IBM AIX 5.3 cluster. It looks like

terminal output is broken. There are a few entry in the OpenMPI archive for this problem,

with no suggested solution or real work around.

I am putting this posting with hope to get some advise for a work around or solution.

#mpirun -np 1 hostname

No out put, piping the command to "cat" or "more" generate no out put as well.

The only way to get an output from this command is to add --debug-daemons

#mpirun -np 1 --debug-daemons hostname

Even this debug option is not working for a real application which generate several output.

Looking forward for any comments.