The latest precompiled version to date of openmpi for cygwin is 1.7.4-1.
Because I got some runtime errors when trying to run simple MPI programs, I have decided to upgrade to openmpi-1.8.

When trying to compile openmpi-1.8 under cygwin I get the following error during "make all" and the build process halts:
Error: symbol `Lhwloc1' is already defined

The commands issued:
 ./configure --prefix=$HOME/Apps/openmpi-1.8
 make all

 Operating system: Windows 8, 32 bits
 CPU: Intel Core2 Duo
 Memory: 4 GB
 Cygwin version: 1.7.29

I have attached to this message an archive containing the output of config and build processes.
Thank you.