I shaved about 30% off the time - the patch is waiting for 1.8.1, but you can try it now (see the ticket for the changeset):


I've added you to the ticket so you can follow what I'm doing. Getting any further improvement will take a little longer due to travel and vacation, but I'll keep poking at it.


On Apr 10, 2014, at 10:25 AM, Victor Vysotskiy <Victor.Vysotskiy@teokem.lu.se> wrote:

Hi again,

> Okay, I'll try to do a little poking around. Meantime, please send along the output from >"ompi_info" so we can see how this was configured and what built.

enclosed please find the requested information. It would be great to have an workaround for 1.8 because with 1.8 our  verification suite takes (6.2 hrs) 2x times longer to complete compared to 1.6.5  (3 hrs).

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