If you are running on a Slurm-managed cluster, it won't be happy without configuring --with-slurm - you won't see the allocation, for one.

Is it just the --with-slurm option that causes the problem? In other words, if you remove the rest of those options (starting --with-hcoll and going down that config line) and leave --with-slurm, does it build?

On Mar 16, 2014, at 8:22 AM, Filippo Spiga <spiga.filippo@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Jeff, Hi Ake,

removing --with-slurm and keeping --with-hcoll seems to work. The error disappears at compile time, I have not yet tried to run a job. I can copy config.log and the make.log is needed.


On Mar 11, 2014, at 4:48 PM, Jeff Squyres (jsquyres) <jsquyres@cisco.com> wrote:
On Mar 11, 2014, at 11:22 AM, ┼ke Sandgren <ake.sandgren@hpc2n.umu.se> wrote:

../configure  CC=pgcc CXX=pgCC FC=pgf90 F90=pgf90 --prefix=/usr/local/Cluster-Users/fs395/openmpi-1.7.4/pgi-14.2_cuda-6.0RC  --enable-mpirun-prefix-by-default --with-hcoll=$HCOLL_DIR --with-fca=$FCA_DIR --with-mxm=$MXM_DIR --with-knem=$KNEM_DIR --with-slurm=/usr/local/Cluster-Apps/slurm  --with-cuda=$CUDA_INSTALL_PATH

At some point the compile process fails with this error:

make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/fs395/archive/openmpi-1.7.4/build/ompi/mca/coll/hierarch'
Making all in mca/coll/hcoll
make[2]: Entering directory `/home/fs395/archive/openmpi-1.7.4/build/ompi/mca/coll/hcoll'
CC       coll_hcoll_module.lo
CC       coll_hcoll_component.lo
CC       coll_hcoll_rte.lo
CC       coll_hcoll_ops.lo
CCLD     mca_coll_hcoll.la
pgcc-Error-Unknown switch: -pthread

You have to remove the -pthread from inherited_linker_flags=
in libpmi.la libslurm.la from your slurm build.

With the configure line given above, I don't think he should be linking against libslurm.

But I wonder if the underlying issue is actually correct: perhaps the inherited_linker_flags from libhcoll.la has -pthreads in it.

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