I can't speak to your app as I don't know what it does. However, you *do* have to compile the example first! :-)

A simple "make" in the examples directory will create all the binaries

On Jan 8, 2014, at 7:29 AM, Axel Višarsson <axelvinna@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey all

My cluster consist of 2 workstations with hyper threaded Intel Xeon processors and an old Dell dual core computer to control them.
I am failing to mpirun on the cluster.

1.When executing as user

[prufa@master]$ mpirun -np 16 --hostfile /home/prufa/prufa.mpi_hostfile fds_mpi SST1SV20.fds

Process   0 of  15 is running .....

forrtl: Permission denied
forrtl: severe (9): permission to access file denied, unit 4, file /share/apps/FDS/FDS6/FDS6/

2. Executing same command

forrtl: severe (47): write to READONLY file, unit 4, file /share/apps/FDS/FDS6/FDS6/Examples/Verkis/FDS6MPI_SST_1STEPVALUES_VEL_20.smv

3. When i try one of openmpi examples

[prufa@master]$ mpirun -np 18 /share/apps/openmpi-1.6.5/
mpirun was unable to launch the specified application as it could not access
or execute an executable:

Executable: /share/apps/openmpi-1.6.5/examples/hello_c.c
Node: w0094.stofa.is

while attempting to start process rank 0.
18 total processes failed to start

Please could you guys help me with this problem.

Thanks in advance

Best regards

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