I'm going to split this apart so we can deal with these in a more manageable fashion.

I have no ideas here as there isn't enough info - can you dig deeper to tell us where the sigbus happens?

Meantime, I filed a ticket against it and we can capture your response there.


On Jan 1, 2014, at 1:48 AM, Siegmar Gross <Siegmar.Gross@informatik.hs-fulda.de> wrote:

Unfortunately I still get a "SIGBUS Error" on "Solaris Sparc"
for "ompi_info -a".

tyr openmpi-1.9 99 ompi_info | grep MPI:
               Open MPI: 1.9a1r30100
tyr openmpi-1.9 100 ompi_info -a |& grep Signal
[tyr:09699] Signal: Bus Error (10)
[tyr:09699] Signal code: Invalid address alignment (1)
 [ Signal 2099900312 (?)]
Bus error 
tyr openmpi-1.9 101 

I can compile and run a small MPI program without "SIGBUS Error".
Jeff, thank you very much for solving this problem.

tyr small_prog 110 mpicc init_finalize.c 
tyr small_prog 111 mpiexec -np 1 a.out 
tyr small_prog 112