My guess is that you aren't doing the allocation correctly - since you are using qsub, can I assume you have Moab as your scheduler?

aprun should be forwarding the envars - do you see them if you just run "aprun -n 1 printenv"?

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I installed OpenMPI on our small XE6 using the configure options under /contrib directory.  It appears it is working fine, but it ignores MCA parameters (set in env var).  So I switched to mpirun (in OpenMPI) and it can handle MCA parameters somehow.  However,  mpirun fails to allocate process by cores.  For example, I allocated 32 cores (on 2 nodes) by "qsub –lmppwidth=32 –lmppnppn=16", mpirun recognizes it as 2 slots.    Is it possible to mpirun to handle mluticore nodes of XE6 properly or is there any options to handle MCA parameters for aprun?

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