I believe this has been a long-standing issue with the MPI definitions - they specify "int", which on most systems will default to int32_t. Thus, there are no prototypes for 64-bit interfaces

On Oct 30, 2013, at 1:35 PM, Jim Parker <jimparker96313@gmail.com> wrote:

  I have recently built a cluster that uses the 64-bit indexing feature of OpenMPI following the directions at

My question is what are the new prototypes for the MPI calls ?

I'm curious because some off my local variables get killed (set to null) upon my first call to MPI_RECV.  Typically, this is due (in Fortran) to someone not setting the 'status' variable to an appropriate array size.

However, my declaration for status is
integer (kind=mpi_int_kind) :: status(MPI_STATUS_SIZE)

A typical call to MPI_Recv is
call MPI_RECV(num_array, length, MPI_INTEGER, 0,0,MPI_COMM_WORLD, status, mpierr)

where the following definitions are used,
mpi_int_kind=8 (for gcc/gfortran compiler) 

integer,parameter :: length = <some-value>
integer :: num_array(length)
integer :: mpierr

My review of mpif.h and mpi.h seem to indicate that the functions are defined as C int types and therefore , I assume, the coercion during the compile makes the library support 64-bit indexing.  ie. int -> long int

The documentation on MPI_Recv just mentions the prototype for ints (32-bit) , I can't find anything for 64-bit

Any help would be appreciated.
The output from ompi_info --all is attached.

--Jim Parker

BTW, the code works fine when linked against a 32-bit MPI library. 
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