Just download the OMPI tarball from the OMPI site:


Then configure and build

./configure --prefix=<wherever-you-want-to-install>
make clean all install

Set your PATH to start with <prefix>/bin, and your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to start with <prefix>/lib and you are done with the OMPI part - you'll have to check the OpenFoam folks for their side

On Aug 30, 2013, at 9:24 AM, John Hearns <hearnsj@googlemail.com> wrote:

I agree what Ralph says.

I have a lot of experience in running SLES 10 and 11 systems and many flavours of Opensuse.

I am not sure if rpms for Openmpi are available for Sles - I will check.

Installing Openfoam is a pig I agree.

You could be better off with Opensuse from a point of view of Openmpi and gcc versions.

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